Thursday, March 30, 2006

Really, today is 3.30.06. Sitting in the coolness of the Savoy gastropub/bistro on Clinton St., eating friend chicken dumplings and fresh cut fries, with a Stella. They have wi-fi in here, so i'm not alone! well really, i am. Since I can't put this on the side of the page, I'll just keep throwing some of my portland favorites at ya--a few already....

Best pancakes (I've only had two, so I'm sure there will be an adendum to this claim): Fuller's Coffee Shop in the Pearl. It's an oldy with a grill in back and low curvy counter in front that the waitresses (i'm sure they're still called that here) walk inside of to freshen your coffee cup. it's kind of new york-esque with a customer base mixed of downtown artists and car-hart wearing workers. Best deal is 'the special,' for $4.50.

Best donuts--either a tie or a break into sub-categories. All around? Voodoo donut. Hot, fresh, mini donuts? A little shack in the back of the Portland Coffee House (Belmont and 28th?) on sundays.

Burgers, there are so many, so many, I need to stop with the burgers already. Oddly, the Twilight Room on the North end of Lombard has lip smackingly delicious burgers. It's a dive, and they're cheap. So good, with homemade fries. Those McMenamins do it right too, in a meat-loafy kinda way. And you can get a 6-pack of mini burgers there. mmmmm....

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