Monday, April 24, 2006

Saturday was Earth Day, on which I worked an organics booth at the Portland Earth Day celebration at Sellwood park. It was a glorious, warm, sunny day, and everybody was happy. I built up a decent appetite while talking about fruit and vegetables all morning, but when I went to get something to eat there were three food stands, of varying degrees of health: Wynne's hot dogs, Fat Kitty Falafel, and a Raw Food booth. The falafel smelled the best, but had the longest line, so I went for the Raw Food. They were giving out samples of their "green smoothie" which looked like scary wheatgrass, but was actually really delicious--with mint, parsley, apple juice and other good stuff. I had to order three things to get full (and then got hungry again about 2 hours later). I got a great little chopped salad with nuts in it, a "humus wrap" (a spoonfull of hummus and a cherry tomato wrapped in a raw collard leaf), and a "frosted cinnamon roll" (a date and nut patty with some sort of glaze on it, really good actually). Our booth was giving away organic fruit, including Minneola tangerines, which look a bit like tangelos, but slightly redder. They are DELICIOUS! I don't care much for oranges, or little seedy tangerines, but these are huge and easy to peel and so full of flavor. I came home that day with a haul of produce, including fresh Hood River shiitake mushrooms. I don't really like dried shiitakes like they put in stir fries sometimes, but I took a bite of one, and it had a really distinct, yummy, almost meaty taste.

So I cut up a leak, stir fried it in some olive oil, added the mushrooms, threw in some white wine after it got really hot. After that cooked I tossed in some cooked wild rice that I had, and when it was all hot, some sun dried tomato "bruschetta" that trader joe's has (it's only $2.99, and they ripped off the recipe from this company that sells it for about $8 in specialty markets), and it was a great little fried rice/risotto. Yum!

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  1. tamramar12:02 PM

    I brought that bruchetta to Alex's house when I was in California, it is really good... and cheap.