Thursday, June 01, 2006

Of course, after that last rant about eating healthier, I woke up this morning craving pancakes--banana pancakes. I’ve had a hand of bananas ripening in my kitchen for the past week as I’ve contemplated what to do with them. I’ve attempted banana bread about three times, and I just can’t get it right. It’s always too dense. Probably because I refuse to put as much oil in the recipe as it calls for, or maybe I don’t use enough bananas. Who knows, but pancakes are something that I can do. And they were goooood. Wierd looking (since I don’t use non-stick pans), but delish. I got the recipe from a cookbook that I used a lot at home, Sheila Lukins’ “All Around the World Cookbook.” She’s the co-author/founder of the Silver Palate company and cookbooks also (great salads, grain recipes, pastas etc.). Anyway, it was a great one for me living on Kauai, because she’s got recipes in there from tropical places like Mexico, Brazil, Chile and other places with fruits and veggies similar to what’s abundant in Hawaii (avocados, oranges, tomatoes...). Speaking of which, it’s pretty ironic that I came to Oregon anticipating eating all of the local produce (cherries, apples, peaches), but what I still eat regularly are bananas and avos. And I’ve been discovering great recipes for things to do with them. Like this simple salad (perfect for Kauai): lettuce, orange pieces, green or red onions, radishes, feta crumbles with a dressing of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, a little of the orange juice left over from squeezing. Top with salt & pepper and it’s a refreshing lunch with some bread on the side. I got that one from a new favorite cookbook “Recipes from America’s Small Farms: Fresh Ideas for the Season’s Bounty.” Super fresh stuff.
I know I’ve talked about nutmeg before, but I love it!! I put it in the pancakes this morning, and in a frittata (w/asparagus, baby potatoes and onions) that I made the other night.

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