Friday, August 31, 2007

For all of you who live in Hawaii, check out the new issue of Gourmet Magazine (Sept. 2007). The theme of the issue is Latin-American cuisine, which happens to encompass so many tropical foods and fruits that we have in Hawaii! There are recipes with papaya, cabocha squash (they call it by a Spanish name), soursop/guayabano and other things that we have there. It made me excited, because you usually look through those magazines and the produce is always peak-of-season on the mainland, but hard-to-find or very expensive in Hawaii. So, there you go. And, once again, Portland gets a plug, specifically for the taco wagons we have in town, two out of four of which are in my neighborhood. But, you know what? The one time I tried them, the cilantro was all sandy or something and there was an unnervingly grainy crunch in the greens that put me off. Maybe next time I'll try the stand that's next to the new juice bar trailer...

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