Sunday, October 12, 2008


I woke up this morning craving rice. Eggs and rice. Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice. When I went back to Oahu at the end of September for a wedding, my friends and I had some variation of that breakfast almost every day for a week. It was so ono. A couple times were at the hotel buffet, but the more memorable moments were in Honolulu's old-school coffeeshops. The first was Anna Miller's out in Pearl City where I had breakfast with my cousin and her new born baby. Looking like an American family restaurant at first (pies in the front case, kitchy aprons on the waitresses), but feeling like Hawaii a few steps in (local serving staff, and classic local-style dishes on the menu). I had fried rice and eggs and man, have they perfected that dish--tiny bits of ham (or spam) in there with the green onions and shoyu.

Later that week we stayed in Waikiki, and couldn't resist breakfast at the famous Wailana Coffeehouse across from the Hilton Hawaiian Village (where we were staying, conveniently). The FLUFFIEST banana pancakes were had there, along with, of course, the eggs, and, I'm sure, somebody got rice. Somebody ALSO got half a papaya that cost $5, which I couldn't believe (a $10 papaya!).

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