Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Before I moved into this apartment a month ago, I was cooking myself oatmeal almost every morning. The finest steel-cut oats, at that. I don't know what happened - life got more fun, I guess. Well, that and... it's not as romantic to switch on an electric coil as it is to light up a flame. Luckily, I work downtown across the river from my sweet neighborhood, and can enjoy one of the comforts of urban living - oatmeal to go.

When I was 22 and living in New York City, I was struck by the idea that anything, no matter how seemingly basic, could be delivered or picked up and taken home. Oatmeal, for example, so easy to make, seemed like a luxury in takeout form. I used to pick it up from Veselka near my apartment on St. Mark's Place. In Portland, I go to Elephant's Delicatessen, where a hearty cup of dry-style oatmeal with raisins is only $1.25. I can't even express how comforting it is to start the day with that after weeks of overindulgences. And, it's the best breakfast deal in town.


  1. Michelle7:27 AM

    Have you ever put peanut butter in your oatmeal? When I make oatmeal (steelcut, or oldfashion),I now put about a spoonful of creamy peanut butter in it just before I take it off the stove so it "melts" into the oatmeal. It's sooooo good!

  2. Whoa! Never had but that sounds pret-ty tasty. I am an almond-butter gal, though. Truth be told, my favorite way to make oatmeal is to put a huge pat of pasture butter into it, with sea salt & cinnamon. Mmm, mmm.