Saturday, May 03, 2008


Today I became the proud parent of my very first musubi. Yep, that’s it there in the picture. Isn’t it cute? I made it with brown rice and everything.

I had to laugh when I finished it this morning, because I didn’t intend to make just one precious little musubi. I just didn’t make enough rice. I’m so used to making such a small little pot of rice for my meals that I thought nothing of it, and little did I know that the whole pot would fill up just one musubi mold!

See, the thing about musubi is that it is a food created to use up excess—to recreate leftovers into something different to eat later. Usually (for those smart enough to own a rice cooker—now #1 on my kitchen wish list, sorry blender, you’ve been out ranked), there’s always extra rice left in the pot after dinner. So you take that, some protein (teriyaki chicken or beef, tofu, sausage, egg, whatever), add a little drizzle of shoyu, press it in the mold, and wrap it up in nori. I used smoked salmon and a little sprinkle of furikake—I’ll see how it tastes when I bring it to work tonight. Musubi is the perfect travel food—compact and contained, they stay good for hours, and they’re meant to be eaten at room temperature.

I’m proud of my little musubi, especially because I made it with the old musubi mold that my Tutu (grandmother) gave to me years ago, and the sight of its little box conjures memories of her cooking in her kitchen. Next time though, I’ll make a bigger batch (and try not to burn the rice).

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