Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This was, for sure, (get ready for huge claim...)the best pancake I've ever had. It didn't hurt that the pork sausage on top (not too salty, or too greasy) was made by the same farmers who raised the pigs, and that the fluffy eggs were fresh off the farm too. But the pancake itself was perfectly puffy, yet not heavy or dense, made with a recipe that was clearly from scratch. So good that it was almost perfect without syrup--that just brought the moment closer to heaven.

I enjoyed this thing with Michelle when she came to visit, at the Portland Farmers Market. Yes, we each had our own. These guys who make the "pig in a blanket" also serve carnitas tacos for breakfast and sell their own pork chops, bacon, etc.

It's too bad that the market is closed until spring, but then again, it'll be that long until I eat things like this again--after breakfasts like these, it's no wonder my body's crying for a break!

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