Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful charcuterie at Evoe inside Pastaworks market on Hawthorne.

This was part of an extended lunch that was part of an extended week of eating that was part of an extended month of food events and work. Actually, so much so that I had a hard time enjoying it until a took a bite of the (duck?) pate with the cherries that you see in the middle there. And then there was a small piece of spring chinook salmon, skin fried crispy, with a few wisps of asparagus. And there was cheese, three kinds. And a local lamb sandwich. With Oregon mint. And an interesting salad of raw artichoke heart, fennel and thin slices of fried guanciale.

Speaking of which, Kevin Gibson, chef of this delightful lunch counter, was slicing chunks of pork from the butcher in the same building right next to us in what would become sausage for the next day. And then rinsing an octopus for the same. Our server was Camas Davis, new French butcher and writer of this blog. We couldn't have asked for anyone more educated to tell us about our food. It was an elegant afternoon, all washed down with an elderflower spritzer.

Kevin Gibson, smoothly slicing through silky pieces of pork fat.

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