Monday, November 30, 2009

Dear Santa,

I've been pretty good this year. I've worked at a 9 to 5 desk job for the first solid year of my life(against the grain of my body's desires) to promote the city I live in. Okay, that's a real stretch in terms of the greater good. I occasionally fold my roomates' laundry. Sometimes make them dinner. Hmm. Okay, so what do I do to deserve these? I got my heart broken pretty badly this year, which was mostly my own fault. That's no reason to deserve presents, I suppose (just pulling the sympathy card). How about this? If I recieve any of these gifts, I promise to use them to make things for other people, learning more about generosity. I'll give back, the gift of good food.

My Christmas list:
1. A Vita-Mix (which would undoubtedly become the love of my life)
2. A Silpat mat (endless uses - I could even bake you cookies on it next year!)
3. A Kitchen Aid mixer (while you're at it...)
4. A nice paring knife (realized yesterday that I could use one of these when a house guest used my 8" chef's knife to cut a slice off a tiny wedge of cheese)
5. A Le Cruset Dutch oven (the clearest reason that I can see to get married = the numerous Le Cruset gifted to brides)


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  1. P.S. One of these aprons too: