Thursday, March 30, 2006

Actually 3.28.06
Here it is peeps, Lila's food blog. Portland, Eat This!!

Today I spent 5 hours in a ‘working interview’* to be an office girl at a local foodie magazine. during this process i was asked to prepare a pasta in their test kitchen, without a recipe. luckily, the publisher took me to City Market (on NW 21st, the sibling of Pastaworks on Hawthorne), one of Portland’s most colorful and quality boutique grocers, to gather ingredients. the staff seemed to really like the results, though i thought the finished product a bit bland. A good light spring lunch, i suppose, which was what it was. Sautee shallots in butter, splash with white wine (i used chardonnay, pretty clueless when it comes to cooking with wine, but there were dozens of open bottles of wine everywhere in that kitchen), reduce, add asparagus, stir for a bit, then sliced yellow squash, stir, then snap peas. Keep splashin’ with the wine when it gets too hot, and i bet you could add some lemon, though i didn’t have any. Definitely lots of fresh thyme, and other herbs if you’ve got ‘em, softer ones at the end. I crushed a ton of black pepper over it, and a killer parmesano blend from the market, and threw it all over their fresh red pepper pasta, tagliatele I think (the market makes and cuts pasta to order, you just tell them how many sheets you want, and what size of noodle, so cool).

*A working interview is, apparently, fairly common practice in portland’s tight-ass job market. this usually comes following a number of other interviews and resume reviews. i found myself, in this instance, washing dishes in a foreign kitchen after cooking lunch for four strangers, who weren’t even famous. to be fair, at the end of the day it was offered to me to ‘invoice them’ for my time, which, of course, i won’t. denied for yet another $9/hr job.

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