Thursday, March 30, 2006

Actually 3.29.06

There’s something very soothing about this “Honeycup” tea that you can get at Ramekin’s coffee shop. It’s got bits of beepollen or something in it. You can also order deviled eggs there individually, and mini macaroons. Anyway, today I got hired! Well, for occassional work with an organic produce home delivery company. Recruiting new customers. Very nice people, great Northwest company, great food. And they paid me that day for my time training, though it was only an hour and a half. They’re a Seattle company...hmmm. More money up there?

So, I didn’t mention, but sitting around with the magazine people yesterday, we got on the subject of street food. I mentioned the block in downtown portland, on 5th ave between Oak and Stark, where there are carts and stalls of all sorts of tasty treats—Indian, tacos, soup, Vietnamese, crepes, everything. All for under 5 bucks. None of them had eaten there! This little mecca of international goodness, just down the hill from a foodie magazine. I was shocked. There are all kinds of these little stands around town, up the street from my apartment is a little Thai food trailer. One of the writers goes, “that sounds like a story,” (which reinforced my blog idea) but, too late, today the Willamette Week’s Cheap Eats issue came out, and they did the story. Good for them man. And in the blurb about a falafel stand, one of the WW writers compared it to the Halal food you can find in le Marais in Paris, which I thought was tres savvy. We walked back to our apartment many nights past those crowded shops.

You know what would make a good street food stand? A toastery. A little airstream “toaster” trailer, that served toast on whole grain, super fresh bread, with everything from butter to (i hear australians like a little canned spaghetti on their toast) tuna. My favorite would be what comprised my dinner tonight, avocado with Spike! Kauai comfort food baby.

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