Sunday, March 22, 2009

3-17-09 Green Things

I was home sick yesterday with one of the worst colds I can remember. But after almost an entire day in bed, I needed to get out of the apartment – that and I had a well justified craving for a smoothie from Sip. Sip is a silver trailer parked in front of my neighborhood health food store that serves a short list of things that I would if I had a juice bar – interesting smoothies and juices combining fruits AND vegetables, as well as tea lattes, made with things like exotic spices and almond milk. What I always get there is one of their green smoothies with kale, apples, ginger, pineapple, orange juice and coconut oil. Mmm...

I went into the store happily sipping my health elixir and was please to find edible evidence of spring inside – organic asparagus (not from Mexico) for an affordable (finally $3.99/lb.).

I went home and blanched some of it for breakfast today, topped with a fried egg. If I were feeling more indulgent, or if this were a Sunday, I might drizzle the whole thing with truffle oil, or hollandaise sauce. Of course serving it on top of a thick slice of toast made from fresh artisanal bread would be heaven, but that addition will have to be left for my dreams.

I also impressed myself with the delicious simplicity of the soup pictured here. It is a variation on a "minestrone" recipe found in Heidi Swanson's cookbook, Super Natural Cooking. Her blog is one of my favorites - 101 Cookbooks. The soup consisted of homemade chicken broth (this is key), fresh spring peas, still holding a crunch, spinach and nori seaweed. So clean and soothing.

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