Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I figured I'd better post this before the snow melts everywhere, and the sun finally comes out, and we're all ready to forget wintry images. I feel that way right now. Tomorrow is April, it's still dumping snow up on Mt. Hood, and my sister and I got hailed on two days ago. I'm ready for warmth.

But, prior to my feelings of "enough is enough" about the cold, I did have myself some snowy fun, up in Whistler B.C. with my college buddies. Of course, we're all foodies - which we discovered early on our freshman year, and explored by introducing our mainland friend to sushi, and making salmon dinners in her dorm room. Those were the days when wild salmon could be bought in our Seattle grocery store for under $10/lb.

Anyway, we definitely shared many delicious meals during our few days on the mountain. The most plump, succulent, yet dainty oysters I've ever had - Kushi, from the deep waters of the northern Pacific, with freshly grated wasabi root and a tiny minced tsunomono-like topping (red onion, cucumber, sugar, cubed only millimeters thick). The reddest wild Alaskan salmon, cooked on a cedar plank. Then feasts that we cooked together- prime rib roasted over rosemary, with vegetables cooked in the pan juices, pork tenderloin marinated in molasses, bourbon and spices, then grilled. Amazing salads, Audra's specialty, that added the perfect balance of crisp acidity to cut through all of that sumptuous meat. Ahh, it was so wonderfully decadent. Perfect after skiing all day.

Our rental had the most breathtaking view of the snowy mountains. The one day that I stayed in to read and do yoga by myself, I had to take my lovely leftover salad to the freezing deck to lunch and take in the view (pictured above).

Oh, and one of my favorite things was the seafood salad at Sushi-Ya, a small, very authentic quality sushi restaurant in Whistler Village. I couldn't BELIEVE how affordable the sushi was there for the quality and freshness. A bed of lettuce was topped with FRESH dark green seaweed, poached salmon, and bay shrimp with a ginger dressing. So clean, so good. I could eat that everyday. That dish might be up there in my top 10 favorite of all time.

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  1. yo dude, you are brilliant. I am dying to come to portland and try all the pastries and pork products you rave about, but wow, now I am thinking I will come and just simply have a nice big piece of olive oil roasted Kobocha, with some sort of healthy smoothie from that trailer, you make it all sound divine!