Friday, April 07, 2006

Does anything taste as good as something that was provided with true care? I’m finishing the last of a hot chocolate that was bought for me by the parents of a friend, really nice people who I’d only met once before, but who I spent a charmingly warm birthday dinner with last fall. A dinner of wine, and steak, and a special Finnish cake. On what was to be a lonely spring night in Portland, I was headed to the coffee shop that I’m in now, to have a hot chocolate actually (and job-search online), and ran into the Mrs. on the street, and she invited me in. It was very nice to sit down with genuine people.

Lately it has been serious budget eating for me. Yesterday I got excited because I got off work (oh yeah, i’m temping, currently cleaning up coffee mugs and replenishing bowls of mini-peppermint patties on the 19th floor of an office building), starving, and bought a snack for 35 cents!! How, you ask? Safeway bakery. A kaiser roll with cheese and onions, is basically, I learned, the poor mans bagel. Oh, why blame anyone else, it’s the poor girl’s bagel. I was on my way to First Thursday, when all of the galleries in the Pearl open late, hold art shows and receptions, supposedly with wine. There was no free wine. Just a no-host bar and some random crackers and stuff. So, my palate has been quite boring these days, with any cooking I’ve done in the past week consisting of making a quesadilla, or it's close cousin, the breakfast burrito. Wait a minute, maybe I haven’t been so boring, maybe, in fact I have had a little adventure infusion, because I do recall a little snack I had this afternoon...has anyone ever dipped arare in peanut butter? Anybody? Anybody? Dont laugh, it’s kinda like an Iso peanut. (Remember that kid who said he liked teriyaki and peanut butter sandwiches? same idea). And, here’s adventure, a barbequed-salmon sandwich, with cole slaw on it. Yeah I had it for lunch today, and yeah, it was gross. Although despite that fact, I was still a little pissed when a sauce drenched piece of salmon fell out on to my pant leg as I walked, repulsively bouncing and staining. (Well, maybe I was just angry because MY IPOD BROKE TODAY. Yes, in theory completely unrelated to this blog, but a fact that totally affects my entire well being).

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