Friday, April 14, 2006

The odd thing about my “temp” job, is that, though technically it falls under the “legal” category (I got it through a recruiter who deals only with law firms), it has nothing to do with law, and everything to do with food service. I clean up coffee cups all day long. And put out beer and snacks for lawyers’ after-hours meetings. There’s always food around, because there are constant catering deliveries. Tonight, I set up for the reception after a big seminar—good bottles of wine, cheese and fruit. I was hoping that some of the Stag’s Leap Artemis cab or the Neyers Syrah would be left over, but, those lawyers knew their wine, and drank it all up. I was left to take home half a bottle of “Napa Valley Meritage,” which was actually mediocre table wine from Santa Rosa. But, I’m not complaining, what a great temp-job perk huh? And I got some cheese too!

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  1. Aunty Beryl9:07 PM

    Hey Lilalou!
    A spartan trip to the Kilauea Farmer's Market - one onion, one zuchini, one carrot, two tomatoes, some cashews and some dried bing cherries, no Esser chardonney, no Suzie Date bar ginger snaps, no Frontera chipotle salsa, no apricot juice - where your wonderful food emporium mom told me about "Eat This!"
    Which I just did, devouring every entry in one slurped, divine tastes overflowing, world roaming feast.
    Love the writing. Love the whole experience of you finding Portland with tastebuds cultivate all over the world and with your down to the bones budget. Thank you for the treats. Will keep checking in.
    Love you, Lila. Aunty Beryl