Sunday, April 02, 2006


This afternoon I went to see "The Squid and the Whale," a much buzzed about NY film about an intellectual family in 80s Brooklyn, at the Laurelhurst theater-pub. They serve pizza there! And beer! Each row of seats has a bar running in front of it, where you can nosh and drink while enjoying a great movie for only $3.00. Unfortunately, I ordered no food, and the aforementioned picture turned out to be seriously depressing. The only thing cooked in the movie were veal cutlets. Come on, how depressing is veal?

Switching gears...It was a beautiful day, sun shining through the budding trees, dropping their white petals like confetti on the sidewalks...and I got invited to dinner at the home of my favorite Portland family...

Let me take this opportunity to give some cred to the home cooked meal. Friday night dinner at chez RogĂ©, otherwise known as Roger and Steven’s house, was a feast. First, a caesar salad filled with all kinds of non-trad goodies—cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, cubed avocado, celery. He made 2 juicy roasted chickens with gravy, mounds of mashed potatoes dotted with green onions, green beens sauteed with pinenuts, and bread toasted with homemade garlic butter. Magnifique!! Damn, it was really good. My mouth is starting to water. I should go eat some cereal.

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