Sunday, April 02, 2006

In response to an earlier entry, my Chef/Artist friend Betty Jean ( offered these tips for cooking with wine, which she does oh-so-well:

"The 411 on cooking with wine is White for light,f ish chicken, veggies, Red with meats and of course red tomatoe sauces, sweet reds are great with tomato sauces and can be use with white meat. Fruit based recipes such as chicken with cherries or fish with grapes are great with champagne, when you may have just a little leftover, or the reason they make cheap champagne as far as I'm concerned!"

Since today is a cheap-o sunday, and i'm sipping the dregs of my coffee (which was, actually a 'viennese au lait,' or as the barista girl called it 'a poor man's mocha,' and quite good), let me offer another recommendation, of one of my favorite restaurants in Portland, where a friend and I went on a wet weeknight a couple of weeks ago:

Caffe Mingo, holy good! Everything, down to the rich, piquant olive oil that accompanies fresh bread. Gnocchi—i was skeptical because of their unorthodox marshmallow-like shape, but bow down, these might be the best ever (over Machiavelli in Seattle even), with just the perfect hint of cheese. House made sausage pasta, a heaping, shiny pile of colorful cured antipasti and veggies, what more can I say, really? The specials are scrawled in illegible italian at the door, to reinforce its “just sit down and order anything, it’ll be amazing” credibility.

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